multimedia piece

multimedia piece

# 9 Assignment 1 due 9/03/2019 – $25.00

Case Study Treatment Plan: Treatment Goals

For this assignment, you will submit additional components of your treatment plan based on the case study you selected. You can view the case studies in the Case Study Treatment Plan multimedia piece, available in the Resources. Complete the following components of the Case Study Treatment Plan Template:

· Treatment plan literature review.

· Goals and interventions.

· Communication with other professionals.

· Medications.

· Legal, ethical, and other considerations.

· References.

The sections of your treatment plan for this assignment should be 4–7 pages in length and include a minimum of four references from the current professional literature in counseling. Be sure to cite your references in current APA format.

Please continue to use the Case Study Treatment Plan Template to organize your work. Each section of the template includes a description of the type of information you need to include.

In the template for this assignment, also include the treatment plan components you wrote for the Unit 5 assignment so your instructor can refer to the previous information you provided about this client’s case when reviewing the components you have added for this assignment. When your template is complete, save it as a Word document with your name and submit it to the assignment area.

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