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make decisions

Introductory Psych

Chapter 2 Text Assignment

Please type your name at the top of the document. Please type your answers in Red and save your completed document on your computer. Then, submit the completed assignment as per the instructions outlined on Blackboard.

1. What is empirical evidence and how can you utilize it to make decisions in school and life?

2. Why is replication important to the research process and how do we plan for it in the ways in which we approach research?

3. List and describe each of the steps of the scientific method.

4. Explain Informed Consent and Debriefing as they relate to participating in a research study.

5. Explain the most important ethical considerations in research and discuss how we control for them in the scientific community.

6. Explain the role of deception in research. Why is it used, and how do we make sure participants are still protected?

7. What are the rules of confidentiality in therapy, and when might they be broken?

8. Provide a general definition of each of the types of research, including describing their advantages and disadvantages:

· Observational Research

· Survey Research

· Archival Research

· Correlational Studies

· Experiments

9. What are the three types of Descriptive Research, and what are their general characteristics?

10. For a correlational design, describe the types of a correlations possible and how relationship between the variables is different based on the type of correlation that exists.

11. Explain how the correlation coefficient is used to determine the strength of the relationship between two variables. Additionally, provide a list of 5sample coefficients, ordering them from weakest to strongest.

12. For an experimental design define and explain the role of each of the following:

· Independent Variable

· Dependent Variable

· Extraneous Variable

· Control Group

· Experimental Group

· Random Assignment

13. What are experimenter and participant bias and how can we control for each?

14. Describe a blind and double blind technique within an experiment and explain why they are important.

15. Define and explain the relationship between population, sample, representative sample, and sample bias.

16. How can social desirability bias negatively impact survey research?

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