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Please answer 5 of the 6 following questions with one paragraph for each question. As per your syllabus, please make sure your answer:

• is accurate and complete

• appropriately references relevant lecture, readings, and live discussions

• is well-written

Please refer to the additional information regarding APA format on the course wall that was posted towards the beginning of the course. Thank you!

1. Trace the roots of the evolution of the wellness perspective in the history of the counseling professions.  In your answer, explain how and why the developmental perspective has shifted to the wellness perspective.

2. Why is the establishment of the ACA in 1993 a significant milestone it the evolution of the counseling profession?

3. Why is a non-hierarchical collaborative relationship between counselor and client a critical element of a wellness model?

4. Distinguish between culture as difference versus culture as ideology.

5. What are your thoughts about the relationship between spirituality and organized religion?  In answering this question, be clear about how you are defining spirituality.

6. In the story about B. T. Miller by J. Mooallem, how would you explain the strong and powerful connections that seemed to characterize Miller’s relationships with others from the perspective of Buddhist psychology.

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