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Identify a family who is either 1) currently a single-parent family or 2) part of a remarried family.

Interview the entire family together, using the following prompts:

How long have you been in this life cycle stage (insert appropriate life cycle stage here)?
What were or have been some of the most difficult times of this stage?
How have you been able to navigate the difficult times successfully?
What would you share with a novice therapist about your situation that might help him or her with future clients?
Summarize the answers to the interview in a 3 page document, adding in your analysis of the following prompts:

How does this family fit the classic presentation of this stage?
What issues of diversity and context (e.g., age, ability, ethnicity, class, gender, etc.) are present in this family and how do those pieces inform their fit in this stage?
Assuming this family presented to your clinic, what theory from the Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy text would you use with them and why?

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