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Developing the Research Questions

For this assignment, you will write your research questions. Research questions represent the purpose of conducting the study, and well-stated research questions drive the investigation and the implementation of the study. Beware of poorly-stated, ambiguous research questions which can muddy the investigation and make it difficult for the reader to decipher the intended research. In quantitative studies, research questions are most often descriptive, correlational, or comparative, focusing on describing the distribution of variables, the extent of relationships among variables, or differences within or between groups. In qualitative studies, the research questions are generally broad in nature, focusing on exploring or describing how or why.

Read the relevant sources on developing research questions.

Review the Developing Research Questions presentation.

Determine what research questions might be relevant for your dissertation. Ensure that the questions are formatted per guidance in the presentation.

Post your draft problem statement, purpose, and research questions to the Research Questions Peer Review learning activity. Research Questions Peer Review learning activity for additional instructions.

Create an APA formatted paper that includes your problem statement, purpose, and research questions.

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