Invasive Species in the Everglades

What are the main causes of invasive species in the Everglades and what has been the effect? What are possible solutions for this issue?

Begin reading and looking at the web-based data provided.

Florida Invaders PDF (attached)

You should confine yourself to using these approved data sources. As you work, consider what problem the data is highlighting. What are the main causes of this problem? This will be the first part of your paper.

After you have spent time looking over and contemplating the data, you will begin researching solutions to each cause you identified. Keep in mind that each of these issues is multi-faceted, with a great many contributing factors. You need to identify at least three factors from the data provided, and come up with three viable solutions to those factors.

As you write, frame your thoughts as if you are proposing the solutions to a committee and trying to convince them that your chosen solutions are the best. You may consider not just the scientific validity and effectiveness of your solution, but also financial, social and environmental impacts as well. This should be done as a costs/benefits type of analysis.

Wrap your paper up by summarizing the issues and providing a general statement as the long-term outlook on this problem. How long will it take to correct this issue? How likely is that to happen?

Paper Requirements

  • Typed, double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman (or similar)
  • Length 3-5 pages
  • Include a full bibliography in APA format (does not count towards your page count) with each source included
  • Include in-text citations for information garnered from your sources
  • Explain the problem and highlight at least 3 main causes of the problem
  • Describe solutions to each identified cause
  • Evaluate each solution in a costs/benefits manner. Why is this solution the best?
  • Highlight the long-term outlook and implications of this problem. Why should we care?

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