internship experience,

internship experience,

# 9B Discussion 1 due 9/04/2019 – $15.00


As you move forward in your internship experience, you will need to reflect on your strengths and areas for improvement related to your clinical skill set and professional knowledge. Accreditation standards, as well as the expectations of the counseling profession itself, require mental health counseling learners to demonstrate proficiency in several areas. These proficiencies attest to your professional knowledge and skills necessary to practice in the mental health field.

For this discussion, review the 2016 CACREP Standards, Section 5C: Entry-Level Specialty Areas-Clinical Mental Health Counseling, linked in the Resources.

· Identify three areas of strength. What are your strongest skills to date?

· Identify three skills or knowledge areas you will be working on in the next internship. List one goal for each skill or knowledge area and describe how you will achieve each goal. What will you do to improve that skill?


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