i need help

i need help


Dr. Mix has indicated that cleaning chicken is a health behavior that should be avoided by every student in her HEED 103 course. The HEED 103 students believe that washing chicken cleans off a wax coating and removes salmonella.

The recommended health behavior is to NOT wash chicken before cooking.

List the stages set out in the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) – known as “stages of change” – and very BRIEFLY describe each stage based on the recommended health behavior, identify an intervention that is appropriate for each stage, and explain why this intervention would work at that particular stage.

Next, describe the constructs of the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Theory of Planned Behavior. How can TRA/TPB be used to explain why a person does not choose the recommended health behavior identified above.


Discuss the components of the Health Belief Model and specific interventions to address each component based on the scenario below.


Willa Jones, and most people in her rural community of Willaville, don’t go to doctors much, except in the case of emergencies – certainly not for preventive services or screening. The nearest doctor is over in the town of Ashbury, some 50 miles away. When you do go, people say, you have to wait for hours to see the doctor, and then they ask you too many private questions. Plus, a lot of people in Willaville don’t trust doctors much. “They might just do an experiment on you or something!” they say. At the same time, most people in Willaville are familiar with the ads they see about getting tested for diabetes (they know there is a screening test), though they don’t know if testing really does anything much.

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