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Directions: Please read each section carefully. Answer each question using original work and cite references according to APA standards.

Directions: Answer each question in 175 words must be original work.

1. Why would we need to do a hypothesis test in the context of statistical analysis?

2. List another reason why we would need to do a hypothesis test in the context of statistical analysis.

3. Problem: Emily is a fifth-grade student who completed a standardized reading test. She scored one standard deviation above the mean score.

Answer the following questions:

· How does the normal curve help you understand what this means about how Emily compares to other children who took the test? Explain how you determined your findings.

· How many children scored lower than Emily?

· How many children scored higher?

Directions: Read the scenario carefully

4. Identify whether the research scenario listed, would be a one- or two-tailed test and then justify your decision. For each research scenario in the bottom of the matrix, write what the null and alternative hypotheses would be.

Scenario: A local dermatologist claims that more than 30% of mole biopsies are unnecessary. Last month at his clinic, 210 out of 634 had benign biopsy results. Is there enough evidence to reject the dermatologist’s claim?

Directions: Read the scenario and follow the instructions the Happiness and Engagement Dataset is attached.

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