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Answer here the discussion response for Psy Module 1-3 instructions are in canvas

Also if you can provide one for this discussion: response on this one is 30-40 words this is from humanities chap 11

During the Crusades, men were able to feel at ease if they died on the battlefield because they were blessed by priest and told that they were getting a pardon for their sins. This pardon allowed them to cleanse their souls and enter heaven immediately upon death, and those that survived the Crusades were given pardons as well so that when they did die, they would automatically be granted access into heaven. Whether they went to heaven or not, is unknown, but it can be inferred that God did not anyone killing in his name, and that the priest did not have the power to grant the soldiers access into heaven. Today, and in the recent past, marketing is and has been used. Commercials asking men to serve for their country and become a hero is a regular thing. Recruiters come to schools to look for potential prospects and tell them all of the benefits of joining the army and fighting for a cause. The benefits may be the most enticing part of the offer for most, if not for another reason such as other family members have served and you are just continuing the legacy. Similarities are definitely there, but it seems that recruiting tactics are shifting from religion to other benefits.

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