How to write a term paper and defend it perfectly

How to write a term paper and defend it perfectly

One of the most frequently asked questions is: “How do you write your term paper?” This article will give you the answer! Here is a plan for writing and defending a term paper that every student can use.

From the article you will learn:

  • Where to begin;
  • What the course work consists of;
  • Where to get materials and sources for writing;
  • What are the citation rules;
  • Plagiarism in a term paper and what to do with it;
  • How to prepare for defense;
  • Why communication with a scientific advisor is so important.

A plan for writing a term paper?

A short action plan to help you successfully write and defend your term paper:

  1. Choose a topic;
  2. To make a plan;
  3. Collect material;
  4. Write a draft of the text;
  5. Make additions and adjustments (after consultation with the head);
  6. Decorate the text.

Choosing a topic is one of the most important points. The topic should be interesting and understandable for you. What topic shouldn’t you choose? Narrow or, on the contrary, very extensive. Why? A narrow topic will not allow you to find enough material, and an extensive one will not allow you to disclose all aspects of the topic at the proper level, to meet deadlines and keep within the size of the work.

The plan is the basis of the coursework, so here you need to approach responsibly. It represents the structure of the entire work and gives an idea of ​​what the work is about and how deeply it is worked out. Important nuances: Each chapter should consist of 2 (preferably 3) points. Each chapter and paragraph are linked to the next in title and content.

Course content

Course work consists of an introduction, main part and conclusion.

What should be in the introduction

  • The relevance of the topic of the course work, the degree of its study in the literature;
  • An explanation of the choice of this topic;
  • Clear goals and objectives of the coursework;
  • A short list of used literature and information sources;
  • Research methods.

The content of the goal should correspond to the topic of the course work, and the content of the tasks should correspond to the chapters and paragraphs where they are considered.

What is the bulk of the job?

The main part consists of 3-4 chapters, which consist, on average, of 3 points.

  1. Theory on the topic of the course work. The essence of the problem and its position in theory and practice are described, a critical analysis of existing approaches to the study of the problem is made.
  2. The practical side of the topic is described. Special attention is paid to difficulties and shortcomings on this issue.
  3. Recommendations for solving the problem. Often based on a specific example (organization) or within a country.

term paperWhat does the conclusion of a term a paper imply?

A Conclusion is a summary of the main findings of the work. Usually, conclusions are formed from the conclusions of the chapters / points of the work. It is important to highlight the objectives and goals that were set in the introduction.

Preparing for defense on a term paper

The defense of the term paper takes 5-10 minutes, so the presentation is built from the introduction and conclusion.

Only the scientific advisor will read your work completely, none of the commission will have time to deeply familiarize themselves with the content in the allotted time (but they will certainly review and study the introduction, conclusion and list of references). Therefore, the content of the introduction and conclusion should be as elaborated as possible.

Search materials

There are many low-quality sources on the Internet, so it is better to use fewer sources, but be sure of their quality. It is important to know the exact bibliographic data about the source, as it is necessary for the correct formatting of the list of used literature. Internet sources are also drawn up according to the GOST rules in the list.

Important!  Course work should not consist of blocks from different sources or be completely downloaded from the Internet. You need to contribute, express your thoughts and draw conclusions. After reading the materials, it is worth contacting the supervisor, he will guide you and explain the difficult points.

Don’t worry if your boss isn’t sending you to rework, it’s a common practice to make your job better.

The paragraphs of the work should be short and succinct, do not use complex sentences. Everything should be clear and understandable. It is not customary to use pronouns in term paper; instead, the constructions “can be concluded”, “from this follows”, etc. Are used.

Citation rules on a term paper

There are two options:

  1. A quotation from the literature, which you further explain and analyze;
  2. A quote from a secondary source to support your thoughts or analyze another point of view.

Quotations are allowed in the case when this formulation is the most accurate and there is no way to say otherwise. Quotes are enclosed in quotation marks and a link to the source is indicated.

Course work is drawn up according to the requirements in the methodological manual of the educational institution. Usually, the completed text of the work does not exceed 25 pages. Pages must be numbered (the text starts from the 3rd page).


Plagiarism in a term paper is copying text from various sources without specifying the author, that is, appropriating the authorship of a given fragment of text. Therefore, it is worth marking quotes and indicating the source to avoid plagiarism.

The text of the term paper must be checked for plagiarism in online programs. To increase the originality of some of its parts, you can work out the text from scientific sources and convey it in your own words.

term paperCommunication with the scientific advisor on a term paper.

Meetings with your supervisor should be scheduled. It is better to go to the manager with ready-made questions to get clear answers and improve the quality of the final work. Often, they can advise you on literature, you should definitely use it in your coursework and place it in the list of sources used.

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