HLSC450 Intersection Repair Intervention Discussion

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Chapter 23

  • Why were cities built on grid patterns? What are the two pros and two drawbacks with grid patterns?4 points
  • What is the aim and intention of the Intersection Repair intervention? 2 points
  • Why are community organizing and social capital important aspects of the Intersection Repair interventions? 2 points
  • Why did Kansas City create the walkability plan and how is the planning department using it? 4 points
  • According to Leyden (2003), what is the relationship between level of walkability and the four measures of social capital? Describe the relationship with each measure of social capital.4 points.
  • What did Mr. Williams say was the “Achilles heel” of the pedestrian system and why?2 points.
  • Reviewing the CHIP and RWJH videos, describe 5 specific examples of how the Kansas City Health Department is completing the steps described in question #11.5 points.
  • What is the payday lending crisis and how does it impact health? 2 points.
  • What is the ‘Man Class’ and how does it help the community? 2 points.
  • What is the importance of working with the community, not just bringing the solution? 2 points.
  • What were the objectives of Juntos Against Cancer?4 points.
  • What were the results of Juntos Against Cancer?4 points.
  • What is the Public Charge Rule and how might it affect public service usage among immigrant populations?2 points.
  • Explain three key strategies that worked in the TIPS intervention.3 points.
  • Retrofitting Suburbia pick 1 of the following questions (A OR B) to answer. 4 points.
    • Explain two issues with suburban sprawl, using specific examples.What are the health outcomes of these issues?
    • Explain two of the solutions/strategies discussed, using specific examples.Describe the outcomes of this solution.
  • Social Policy in Concrete – pick 1 of the following questions (A OR B) to answer. 4 points.
    • List and explain four issues or problems that are influencing health discussed in either city.
    • Explain two of the solutions/strategies discussed, using specific examples.Describe the outcomes of this solution.

Walkability Assessment and accompanying articles

Chapter 27

Documentary – We are Superman

Juntos Research Group, Mariana Mantilla

Guest Speaker, Carole Bowe-Thompson – Community Based Participatory Research

  1. Why did they utilize black churches to increase screening and education of HIV?Why did the naysayers say it would not work?3 points.
  1. Describe the Taking It to the Pews (TIPS) intervention.3 points.

The Interrupters/Violence Prevention

  1. Both our speakers and the documentary refer to the violence as a public health issue.Explain the reasoning behind this.3 points.
  1. Discuss why Cease Fire and Aim 4 Peace refer to their workers as ‘credible messengers’ and why it is important to use credible messengers for conflict mediation to reduce violence in Kansas City.2 points.
  1. Why is it important for Cease Fire and Aim 4 Peace team members to be out in the community after a traumatic/violent act has occurred?2 points.
  1. Damon Daniel describes AdHoc’s mission as one of Healing and Justice.Describe two services that AdHoc provides on the Healing side and two services they provide on the Justice side.4 points.

Designing Healthy Communities Video Series

Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council – Neil Rudisill

  1. Neil mentioned 6 ‘tensions’ that were occurring in the Ivanhoe Neighborhood.Describe three of the tensions that were discussed.3 points.

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