History of the health care

History of the health care

write a 10 to 12 page paper (NOT including the Title, table of contents, abstract or reference pages), APA compliant research paper detailing a particular health care issue from the list provided below. You will research the origins, literature and practical applications of your issue.

2.  Include, at a minimum, the following components should be included in this paper:

3.  Please incorporate AT LEAST the following sections into your paper with a heading for each section: (You are welcome to add as many additional sections/headings as you deem appropriate!)

4.  Title Page (as per example on course shell)

5.  Abstract Page (as per example on course shell)

6.  Table of Contents (example on course shell)

7.  History of the health care issue that you select (to be approved by the Instructor)

8.  Main components or aspects of this issue (be detailed and specific!)

9.  How your issue relates to the learning outcomes from this class. (Please see syllabus).

10. Your assessment of this issue, from your personal perspective (why you chose it)

11. Examples of this issue at it applies in the world today

12. A current literature review of this issue dating back, at least, five years.

13. What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT analysis) that this issue deals with as it pertains to our society?

14. Recommendations as to the best way to deal with this issue in the future

15. Concluding Thoughts/Summary of your paper.

16. What you learned from this project.

17. References (Cite all references in your paper using APA format)

18. Appendix (Include things you feel are relevant to your analysis, i.e. graphs, charts, pictures, etc.)


20. This paper must be typed, using 12-point, Times New Roman font and double-spaced. Your title, abstract and reference pages must comply with the examples posted on the course shell.

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