highest maternity

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highest maternity

It is quite surprising to find that the United States has the highest maternity and infant mortality rates compared to other developed countries in the world. Infant mortality has been determined to be closely tied to pregnancy related complications, as two- third of infants who die within their first month of birth are from mothers who experience complications and abnormalities during pregnancy (Callaghan & Co., 2006). Women from all backgrounds stand the risk of experiencing complications during pregnancy and childbirth but it is seen to be higher in the African American community.

Racism and social stratification can be seen as the root of the problem. A report made by Amnesty International, a human rights organization in the United States, showed that women of color are more likely to lose their life during pregnancy or childbirth than women from other races, attributing this menace to discrimination, inappropriate treatment, lack of access to medical care and healthcare information and socioeconomic differences faced by people of color in our society (Amnesty International, 2011). As explained by Miriam Perez in the TED talk video, all these situations are stressors that can elevate the risk of pregnancy related complications in women. The government should put measures in place and provide programs that support families in need, consisting mostly of the African American race. Individuals should look beyond the physical characteristics of people and provide support in any way they possibly can, be it financial, emotional or psychological, this problem of infant and maternal mortality can be minimized in the United States, especially in the black population.

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