hi, i need help (175-200 words)

hi, i need help (175-200 words)

This is quite a unique request, let me know if its not something you can do.

I am a medical student applying to medical residencies. I am interested in this residency in California (OPTI-West/Community Memorial Health System – Surgery-General Residency)

Now what i need for you to do research into this program and see what awards or anything you can find online where i can link it with this question.
* In the box below, please explain your interest in our Graduate Medical Education Program

I will attach my CV so u can see my specialties and find anything juicy i can link myself to with their program.

A little about me:
My goal in life is to be a bariatric surgeon, and I own a health company called healthyline.net.

See what you can find on this specific residency program, any awards, any detail i can be like “this is why i like your program”. and i of course have MANY applications with similar questions and can use you for them.

Let me know if you got any questions,

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