HCS483 Discussion

HCS483 Discussion

  • Identify the multiple key components to HIS strategic planning, including software, internal and external networks, data, interoperability, and technology such as hardware, operating systems, and devices. 150-200 words
  • Define the essential components of modern server computing, including unified computing systems, server virtualization, and single sign-on. 150-200 words
  • Describe the key benefits of client, device, and mobile computing that are being used specifically to enhance HIS deployments. 150-200 words
  • Explain how computer networks work, their importance in supporting HIS applications, and the different network architectures in use today (e.g., local area networks, wireless local area networks, wide area networks, wireless wide area networks, and storage area networks). 150-200 words

Please use APA format when citing.

Please indicate which your words are and which the research is.

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