HCA430 Module 1 Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals Paper

HCA430 Module 1 Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals Paper

Please write a two-page paper with your reaction to the following scenario:

Doctor M is a good friend of Dr. J and has known him for long time, since childhood. Doctor J is older than Dr. M, and Dr. M considers Dr. J a mentor. Doctor J has a wife and four children. Doctor J is applying for life insurance, and as a requisite, he must have a physical exam. Coincidentally, Dr. M is the physician for the Insurance Company, and he has to perform the physical exam on Dr. J. During the exam, Dr. M notices that Dr. J has high blood pressure and is overweight. Further testing demonstrates that he also has high cholesterol and a little higher level of glucose. If Dr. M communicates this to the Insurance Company, Dr. J probably will be rejected and have no chance of having any life insurance, leaving his family at financial risk.

What would you do if you were Dr. M? Have you experienced a similar situation? Are values different for different situations?

Your answer should be well-formed, using the APA style format, including two current high-quality resources within the last five years, you can use your book as a primary resource. Use grammarly.com and use the library resources from your course shell to support your answer. And should reflect what you’ve learned from the module readings, as well as any life experience you have had with health care systems. Please upload your assignment to the Module 1 Written Assignment – Assignment box no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

Objectives From Chapter:

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