Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Please follow the instructions listed below and use online resources to study and research on:

  1. a) Greenhouse gases-list major greenhouse gases and their percentage presence in earth atmosphere. List the name(s) of the satellite(s) sent by NASA/European Space Agency to earth orbit and how these satellites collect the info on greenhouse gases, what kind of data has been collected so far. Provide your opinion with supporting evidence on the sources of these greenhouse gases.
  2. b) Greenhouse Effect-explain the physical principles behind Greenhouse Effect and its pros and coms. List the data collected over last 100 years on ocean, air, land temperature change vs increase of greenhouse gases in earth atmosphere. Give your opinions with supporting evidence on the relationship of the rising temperature with the increase of greenhouse gases in earth atmosphere.
  3. c) Evidence of global climate change. Is climate change due to rising temperature of ocean, land and air?
  4. d) Consequences of rising temperature (ocean, land and air) and its impact on environment and human society.
  5. e) The core principles and measures of the Paris Agreement ( to an external site.)). What kind of role USA would resume and what you could do slow down, or even reverse, this potentially devastating trend of global climate change.

You must use sufficient scientific data to support your statements.

The format requirements for this essay are: minimum of Four full pages of text; margin no more than 1″ on the top, bottom, left and right; single line space; size 12, font TIMES. Please include a list of references at the end of the essay (beyond PAGE No. 4). Graphs, photos and data tables are additional. Please save it in MS Word document or PDF format

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