Global Warming Essay

Global Warming Essay

Write an essay supporting your position on current climate and atmospheric changes as if you were trying to convince someone with an opposing or no opinion. You may be either for or against climate change. Remember that scientific discussions usually deal in probabilities and testable hypotheses, rather than absolute certainties.

Address the following:

1. Is the global temperature actually warming significantly or abnormally? Are any changes in temperature or atmospheric composition likely to be continuations or results of normal climate fluctuations or due to anthropogenic influences?

2. What kinds of temperature and atmospheric changes are anticipated under various climate change models and how good/reliable are the models?

3. Will any such changes in temperature and the environment be detrimental to man or other organisms or may they be beneficial?

4. What are the sources of greenhouse gases and which are important, natural, or anthropogenic?

You must provide evidence with supporting in-text citations and references. In-text and citation lists must be in GSA format.

You may use Kump, Kasting, and Crane only one time as an in-text citation. You may refer to and cite presentations by your classmates. You should refer to evidence from geologic history, including the Pleistocene ice age and deglaciation, as well as previous climate changes, to support some of your positions.

You must include at least one figure or table, properly captioned and referenced.

Your essay may be as brief or as long as you wish. However, you must provide sufficient evidence and references to support your positions on these points. You must use GSA format style.

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