functional limitation i

functional limitation i

Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resource on your own before you bid. Main references come from Capuzzi, D., & Stauffer, M. D. (2012) and/or American Psychological Association (2010). You need to have scholarly support for any claim of fact or recommendation regarding treatment. APA format also requires headings. Use the prompt each week to guide your heading titles and organize the content of your initial post under the appropriate headings. Remember to use scholarly research from peer-reviewed articles that is current. I have also attached my discussion rubric so you can see how to make full points. Please follow the instructions to get full credit for the discussion. I need this completed by 08/08/19 at 12pm. Discussion – Week 11Career Counseling with Clients with Disabilities Unfortunately, more often than not, people think of the limitations imposed by a person’s disability, rather than focusing on what the client can do. As a professional, it is important for you to accurately assess a client’s capabilities so that you can support him or her in achieving and sustaining employment.To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review this week’s      Learning Resources focusing on the information regarding clients with      disabilities.
  • Select one of the      functional limitations described on pp. 444–451.
  • Consider what a functional      capacity evaluation and job analysis might mean/entail for a client with a      functional limitation in the area you have chosen to focus on.
  • Think about whether or not      each of the following vocational rehabilitation services might be      appropriate for this client: Work-Adjustment Training, Job-Seeking Skills      Training, Supported Employment, and Assistive Technology.

With these thoughts in mind: Post by Day 4 a description of a functional limitation and how it might impact a client’s career development. Explain what value a functional capacity evaluation and job analysis might hold for a client with this functional limitation. Then, describe how one of four vocational rehabilitation services—Work-Adjustment Training, Job-Seeking Skills Training, Supported Employment, Assistive Technology—might be utilized with this client depending on the evaluation and analysis.Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.Required Resources· Capuzzi, D., & Stauffer, M. D. (2012). Career counseling: Foundations, perspectives, and applications. (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education.o Chapter 15, “Career Counseling in Vocational Rehabilitation Settings”Website· National Career Development Association. (2015). Internet sites for career planning. Retrieved from· Ted Talks. (2011). There are no scraps of men. Retrieved from

  • DiscussionPostingandResponseRubric.doc

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