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existing foundational

Development of Research Foundations

In Weeks 1-7 of this course, you developed the foundational research elements required for the initial steps in a research study. Note that these same foundational research elements will also be used as components for a dissertation study.

In this two-part assignment, you will:

  1. Develop a research paper by adding      background and contribution to knowledge sections to your      existing foundational research elements document, and:
  2. Reflect on the SPL model discussions throughout the      first four courses of your program to convey how the SPL model      provides structure for your proposed research.

Part A: Research Foundations Paper (15 points)

Review and integrate the feedback received on your example research elements submitted as Week 3 through Week 7 assignments. Ensure each of your elements is aligned, and make revisions as necessary.

Add a background section and a contribution to knowledge section to your culminating research paper. The background section should provide an overview of the topic, and the contribution to knowledge section should describe your study’s potential contributions to the body of literature. Lay your document out using the following outline:

  • Background
  • Problem Statement
  • Purpose
  • Contribution to Knowledge
  • Research Questions
  • Theoretical or Conceptual      Framework

Part B: Reflecting on the SPL Model (5 points)

Reflect on the SPL model discussions throughout the ACCESS sequence (DOC/700, LDR/711A, and DOC/705r).

Develop a 500- to 700-word addendum to your a research foundations paper that conveys how the SPL model provides structure for your proposed study. Discuss specific moments of learning that occurred during DOC/700, LDR/711A, and DOC/705r that underlie your reflections.

Review your completed document against the information in Rubrics A and B.

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