Ethics Debate- What Would You Do?

Ethics Debate- What Would You Do?

  • Each chapter contains many “What Would You Do” situations.
  • Create a Prezi or (Powerpoint ) presentation that includes;
    • Summary of the dilemma.
    • Details on how you would handle the dilemma.
    • Defend your position – make sure to cite resources.
    • See Getting Started with Prezi for help.
      • Prezi allows for many different ways to present information. The main goal is to cover the above criteria in a 10 minute narrated presentation.
  • Submit the link to your Prezi to this assignment, as well as post a link to your presentation in the Ethics Debate Discussion Topic.

Ethics Debate Question below;

1. You are 30 minutes into a job interview for your dream job- one where your college education and experience could really be applied. So far everything is going well. Then, the interviewer asks you to write down your Facebook user name and password so she can do further research after the formal interview is over. What would you do?

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