“Employee Observation”

The Assignment (3–5 pages)

  • Complete the abilities scales from the O*NET using  the media, “Employee Observation” and “Employee Interview,” to provide the  ratings of the abilities of the incumbent worker. Your ratings are only for  your analysis and not for submission.
  • Analyze the       results from the O*NET generalized work activities (dataset provided in       this week’s Learning Resources). For your analysis:
    • Calculate a        mean rating for each question on the survey.
    • Use SPSS to        calculate interrater reliability        and agreement statistics (see the “SPSS Supplementary Document” for instructions).
  • Explain the generalized work activities scales and  your ratings of the abilities scales on the O*NET.
  • Explain the statistical findings and the interrater  analysis for the generalized work activities scales.
  • Summarize both the abilities and work activity  analyses you have conducted on the employee in  the media.

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