EKG short answer questions

EKG short answer questions

1- How does depolarization change the electrical state of a cell?

2- If depolarization moves towards a positive electrode, what will the appearance be on the EKG?

3- How does a dipole also relate to the appearance of waves on the EKG?

4- How is repolarization related to the dipole….is it opposite from depolarization?

5- Does the size of the wave on an EKG correspond to the direction of the dipole? How will the appearance differ on the EKG if the dipole vector is spreading directly towards a positive electrode vs. at an angle?

6- How many electrodes are there in a standard 12-Lead EKG?

7- Click on the following link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and briefly describe the different waveforms that are generated on the EKG.?


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