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Christianity and Buddhism present very different views of the role of humans in the world or universe.  each religion and identify how the Judeo-Christian tradition might view the problem of personal misfortune compared with how Buddhism might, using the story from “The Book of Job” as a point of reference


  • Two full pages.  Paper is clearly written, addresses all objectives, and mastery of the subject. Use Time New Roman or Ariel 12 pt size. Double Space sentences. Indentation  0.5.             
  • Clear thesis, introduction,references& conclusion. Well developed paragraphs & smooth transitions.   
  • The paper contains well built and varied sentences, no spelling errors, and correct punctuation and grammar. Appropriate vocabulary without colloquialism or slang, Concise but vivid language, Verb/subject agreement.     
  • Meets all MLA requirements.  
  • Remember to cite your sources since the paper will be revised for authenticity through Turnitin

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