Doctoral thesis in nursing management

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Doctoral thesis in nursing management

doctoral thesisWould you like to advance your career in nursing management?

We support you with your doctoral thesis in nursing management!

Society is aging much faster than it used to be. Improvements in medical treatment and living conditions mean that people are getting older. Because of the increasing need for qualified nursing staff, the general view of nursing has changed. Nursing professions are typically highly regarded and are becoming increasingly academic.

Why do a PhD in nursing management?

A doctorate in nursing management is ideal for graduates in nursing science, nursing management, or nursing economics. These courses are mainly offered at universities of applied sciences. Some of which are independently sponsored and are often recognized by the state and the church. As a rule, the course ends with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but there is the option of switching to a doctoral degree or doing a doctorate freely after completing the master’s degree.

How can our ghostwriters help you?

If you have decided on a doctoral thesis in nursing management, you will face new scientific challenges. In contrast to the seminar, bachelor, and master theses, a dissertation requires scientific work at the highest level. As a doctoral student, you should prove that you can independently write a scientifically demanding doctoral thesis and work on fundamental and practical problems from the health sector. In the sub-disciplines of practice, pedagogy, and management, you combine basic theoretical knowledge with practical aspects and develop a solution approach for specific problems. Not only should you generate new scientific findings with your dissertation topic, A linguistically correct and technically high-quality execution of your research results is also expected. In particular, an extra-occupational doctorate creates a lot of additional pressure because you have to be motivated for your research after a long day at work or the weekend. This is where we come in. Because even if you are completing a doctoral program that accompanies your dissertation in a structured manner and prepares you to step by step to prepare your doctoral thesis, there are some tasks that we can relieve you.

Our ghostwriters have both an academic and a professional career behind them and are familiar with theoretical knowledge development and practice-related processes and can give you valuable impulses to prepare your dissertation. From narrowing down the topic to submitting it, we accompany you and are at your side if you have any questions or problems. After we have narrowed the topic down to a central question and you, we create an initial structure based on working hypotheses, which we also work out with you. Then we begin an extensive literature search and sift through or excerpt the relevant literature for you while you concentrate on your course of study, your everyday work, or your research. Some topics Relevant to care management may include empirical research that you do in archives or care facilities. Our ghostwriters will also be happy to support you in preparing and evaluating this task. Our doctoral thesis supervision also includes various paperwork, professional editing, and formatting according to the specifications of the chair.

Tips for a successful doctorate in nursing management

Before starting your doctoral thesis in nursing management, you should decide which type of doctorate is suitable for you. With an accompanied dissertation as part of a doctoral program at a university of applied sciences, you will receive important knowledge from the departments relevant to your work as well as intensive supervision of your doctorate. However, these courses are often not free of tuition fees. We recommend that you find out about costs and course content in advance at the universities concerned. If you want to do a free doctorate instead, it makes sense to start looking for a doctoral supervisor at an early stage. Have an intensive preliminary talk with your mentor and discuss the content requirements and the scope of the dissertation in detail. If you don’t have your idea for a doctoral thesis topic, you can work with one of our ghostwriters to develop a topic proposal and then present it to your mentor. It is also important that you choose a topic that is personally relevant or interesting for you.

Study of nursing management

The degree in care management prepares you for a career as a care service manager. Here you can find information about studying!

The care sector has seen major changes in recent years. As health and care have become more relevant to society, the care professions have become more recognized and become increasingly academic.

doctoral thesisRequirements for the nursing management degree

Due to the increasing need for qualified nursing staff, the nursing science department’s courses are enjoying great popularity. The nursing management course, a sub-area of ​​nursing science, provides advanced knowledge in the area of ​​nursing facility management of clinics, nursing homes, or outpatient services. Often, the nursing management courses, which are mainly offered at practice-oriented universities of applied sciences, are aimed at trained nursing staff who want to continue their professional development and strive for a leading position in nursing. The transition from the nursing science course is just as possible as entry without a completed professional training. In this case, however, the universities usually require at least an internship in the nursing area.

Structure and content of the course

In addition to the classic full-time course at the university, dual or part-time courses are also offered in  ​​nursing management. In this way, students can continue their education and qualify for managerial positions while at the same time remaining in the profession. In addition to basic nursing subjects, the timetable also includes courses in personnel management, organizational management, sociology, psychology, law, and business administration. Thanks to its interdisciplinary orientation, the course provides comprehensive education and communicative and psychosocial skills. As a rule, various internships and often a practical semester are an integral part of the course. During this period, under the guidance of experienced nurses, the students apply the knowledge they have acquired during their studies in practice and already take on tasks independently that correspond to their training level. The course ends with a bachelor’s, master’s, or diploma degree and generally does not last longer than four to five years, even part-time.


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