Diversity in Nursing and Ethical Legal Professional Responsibilities Essay

Diversity in Nursing and Ethical Legal Professional Responsibilities Essay

The presentation is based on a literature review of the topic selected or assigned at the beginning of the semester.

Purpose: Provide students an opportunity to ( 1) express themselves orally in a cogent manner,(2) analyze a current trend and/or issue of nursing and (3) demonstrate understanding of the ethicallegal professional responsibilities, accountability, integrity and caring of the professional nurse as they relate to patient-centered care and (4) and to meet Learning Outcomes 1-10.

The presentation should be 15minutes including time for questions and discussion. Students are encouraged to be creative in the presentation: i.e. PowerPoint, poster presentation, handouts, videos. The presentation must include (1) the key concepts/themes of the topic with an emphasis on nursing implications, and (2) one learning outcome met in preparing for the presentation. Students should support the presentation with at least five resources using a variety of sources (textbook, peerreviewed journals, scholarly websites, professional newsletters, interviews). Students will develop and distribute an evaluation tool to their peers and submit a summary of the data and a self-evaluation to the professor before a grade will be issued. Please use rubric for specific criteria.

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