discussion topic

You may choose a structure in the nervous system. If it is part of the brain, tell us what it does and what would happen if it were not functioning properly. If it is a cranial nerve, tell us whether it is sensory, motor, or mixed, somatic, autonomic, or both, what it does, and specifically what would happen if it were damaged. “The patient would die” is not specific!!

When you use sources other than the book, put everything in your own words in simple terms and give your sources.

may choose 1 from the following topics

Premotor area

Basal nuclei

Limbic system

Reticular formation

Corpora quadrigemina

Oculomotor III

Trochlear IV

Trigeminal V

Abducens VI

Vestibular branch of Vestibulocochlear VIII

Cochlear branch of Vestibulocochlear VIII

Glossopharyngeal IX

Vagus X

Accessory XI

Hypoglossal XII

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