Discussion Board

Discussion Board

Understanding and Maintaining Your Pressure Distribution System (17m 9s)

Septic Mound System Installation using Infiltrator Chambers (13m 50s)

How To Read a Pump Curve 101 (9m 0s)

Pre-Discussion Work

As you have seen from the videos presented, especially the one from Washington on using pressurized systems, the results are reduced impact on receiving ground waters due to the unsaturated flow under the drainfield. You may wish to watch the video again. There have been proposals that no matter how good the soils is and the fact that a standard septic tank and drainfield can be installed that in all cases a low dose pressurized system must be used.

Drafting Your Response

Next, prepare your forum post by creating a Word Document or a Google document. On your document, answer the following questions:

  • Would you believe that this is a good proposal ?
  • If you were the environmental health person implementing such a requirement, knowing that it doubles and even triples the cost of a system, how would you go about justifying this to a permit applicant?

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