developmental stage

developmental stage

Graded Item Possible Points Your Points

Your paper should have an introduction, which includes:

· The age and sex of the individual chosen to study.

· The developmental stage according to lifespan development for the case study individual (ie, infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence)

· Background information concerning the home life of the child like. (ie, number of siblings, single mom household, culture/ethnicity, etc)

· Definition of a case study and its strengths and weaknesses.

· The purpose of this case study/paper.


The body of the paper includes the following:

· Introduction of motor development and distinguish between gross and fine motor development. Discussion of the concept of developmental milestones when it comes to motor development.

· List a few developmental milestones in terms of motor development for your child and discuss how well your child is meeting developmental milestones.

· It may also be helpful to ask parents about the history of the child. (Ie, if the child met previous developmental milestones early, on-time, or later than average)

· Introduction of Freud’s Psychosexual theory and Erickson’s Psychosocial theory of development and the developmental stages of each for your child.

· Key task according to Freud’s Psychosexual theory and Erickson’s Psychosocial theory of development for the child during the choses stage of development.

· Discussion of Vgotsky and his theory of development (ie, what would he say about the development of the child during your chosen stage?) and a discussion of how well your child is mastering/progressing through this stage of development with support .

· Introduction of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and the developmental stage for your child according to Piaget. Discuss the capabilities of a child in this stage, key concepts, and a discussion of how well your child is mastering/progressing through this stage of development with support.

· Introduction of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development and the developmental stage(s) for your child.

· Discussion of the child-parent interaction and parenting styles. You should discuss the possible parenting styles.

· There should be inclusion of the identified parenting style that the parents use for your case study and the advantages and disadvantages of this parenting style.

· There should be inclusion of types of learning (classical conditioning, operant conditioning and observational learning) and specifically if the parents use reinforcement and punishment. In regards to punishment there should be inclusion of the type of punishment used (ie, punishment by addition or punishment by removal).


Separate reference page included which includes the following:

· Minimum 3 references (1 book, 1 academic website, 1 peer reviewed article), any references used to gather the information. References cannot be older than 10years (2008).

· Follows APA format:

1) The reference page should have the word “References” centered and in the same font/text as the rest of the paper.

2) The reference list should be double spaced like the rest of the paper and there should not be additional spaces between entries.

3) The entries on the reference list should be in alphabetical order.

4) The entries should be written following the APA guidelines. (Visit the TCL library page or OWL Purdue for guidelines on creating the reference list using a variety of different sources.)

5) For entries that take up more than one line, the 2+ line should be indented (hanging indent).

Identification and set-up

· The report is prepared in a tidy fashion according to the requirements and contains the document appropriately labeled with: the student name, PSY203section _, and date.

· Report contains a running head and appropriately identifies each page of the paper with the running head.

· All portions of the report is double spaced.

rofessionalism and NeatnessP

· There is no specific identifying information for the child given. The child should only be referenced based on initials.

· The document includes no more than 2 grammar errors.

· Report is written in a professional, objective manner—no personal pronouns (I, you, we, etc) and no contractions. (-1pt for each)

· The report is written in a professional manner-no use of contractions. (-1pt for each.

· The document does not include any spelling errors (-2pt for each).


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