development and learning.

development and learning.

Final Project Rough Draft (Optional)

Final Project

For the Final Project, you will synthesize the knowledge you have gained about diversity throughout this course and use it to make recommendations to professionals who work with children and adolescents. You have chosen one diversity topic on which to focus for your paper. Consider what factors related to diversity professionals should consider when communicating, instructing, and supporting the development of children and adolescents.

To prepare:

  • Consider the role of diversity in childhood and adolescence and how individual characteristics of diversity could positively or negatively impact development and learning.
  • Revisit your approved topic from Week 2, along with the resources developed throughout the course, as the focus of your paper.
  • Consider the constituencies to which social change can be applied.

Submit an 8- to 10-page paper on the topic approved in Week 2 using the resources developed in the course. Develop recommendations for professionals (e.g., teachers, counselors, social workers, or other professionals) who will be working with children or adolescents in a variety of capacities. Be sure to include the impact of the environment in which these professionals will be working (e.g., classroom setting, neighborhood, community mental health). Be sure to remember that any one characteristic does not operate in a vacuum. Therefore, include and discuss how other characteristics of diversity impact your main topic for this population.

Three projects have been uploaded that can assist with assignment. Please view previous assignments that have been uploaded.

rubric for project

Week 7

Final Project Submission Rubric










(175 points possible)

Paper   demonstrates an excellent understanding   of all of the concepts and key   points presented in the text/s and Learning Resources. Paper provides significant detail,   including multiple relevant examples, evidence from the readings and other   sources, and discerning ideas.


Paper   demonstrates a good understanding   of most of the concepts and key   points presented in the text/s and Learning Resources. Paper includes   moderate detail, evidence from the readings, and discerning ideas.


Paper   demonstrates a fair understanding of the concepts and key points as   presented in the text/s and Learning Resources. Paper may be lacking in detail and specificity   and/or may not include sufficient pertinent examples or provide sufficient   evidence from the readings.


Paper   demonstrates poor understanding of   the concepts and key points of the text/s and Learning Resources. Paper is   missing detail and specificity and/or does not include any pertinent examples   or provide sufficient evidence from the readings.





(75 possible points)

Paper is well organized, uses scholarly tone,   follows APA style, uses original writing and proper paraphrasing, contains   very few or no writing and/or spelling errors, and is fully consistent with graduate-level writing style. Paper   contains multiple, appropriate and   exemplary sources expected/required for the assignment.


Paper is mostly consistent with graduate-level   writing style. Paper may have some small or infrequent organization,   scholarly tone, or APA style issues, and/or may contain a few writing and   spelling errors, and/or somewhat fewer than the expected number of or type of   sources.


Paper is somewhat below graduate-level writing   style, with multiple smaller or a few major problems. Paper may be lacking in   organization, scholarly tone, APA style, and/or contain many writing and/or   spelling errors, or shows moderate reliance on quoting vs. original writing   and paraphrasing. Paper may contain inferior resources (number or quality).


Paper is well below graduate-level writing   style expectations for organization, scholarly tone, APA style, and writing,   or relies excessively on quoting. Paper may contain few or no quality   resources.




Instructor comments:


Total Score (250 possible points):

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