Design an OPT Phase I Stabilization program

Design an OPT Phase I Stabilization program

Design an OPT Phase I Stabilization program for your Personal Training client; the same client you began training in Assignment #1. As previously stated, this is the beginning –and now the continuation- of a programming plan that you will be creating for your client. The protocol that you develop now can serve as a blueprint for your future work as a personal trainer or coach.

In designing this OPT Phase I Stabilization program, you will follow the guidelines provided by NASM (be sure to review your text and other resources available to you). In addition, you will design a personalized program for your personal training client based on the test results of their Fitness Assessment, strengths, weaknesses, daily habits, and, of course, their individual goals.

For this assignment you will be responsible for providing the following information regarding your client’s OPT Phase I Stabilization program:

  • Background of your client, their goals, the findings of the initial Fitness Assessment & review of postural/movement issues, illnesses, previous injury, or medication precautions, goals & and an idea of the type of training schedule they will maintain.
  • Phase I Stabilization program Including: Cardiorespiratory training protocols, SMR & Flexibility training protocols, Core & Balance training protocols, Reactive training protocols, Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) training protocols, and Resistance training protocols.
  • Completed OPT Template (Refer to Chapter 10 of your text book). Be sure to include sets, reps, tempo, rest, and pertinent coaching tips & instructions.
  • Narrative discussing why you chose specific training protocols for your client and how your choices will help your client reach his/her training goals.

Please submit your assignment using a combination of narrative & any charts/graphs that you think are appropriate (see attachments). Be sure to provide a detailed (and appropriately referenced) rationale for why you have chosen each one of your exercises (based on the items from the Fitness Assessment from Assignment #1).


The narrative of your paper should be at least 3 – 6 pages, not including your title and reference pages. Any charts or tables you add are extra. Using charts and tables will help to provide visual guidance as to your client’s health status and your thought process. Please support your rationale with appropriate academic sources (minimum of 3 + textbook = minimum 4 references). Our APUS Library Search Engines are a good place to begin.

The writing component must meet all rules of APA formatting (6th edition) and MUST be submitted in WORD document format only.

  • title page
  • headers
  • page numbers
  • in-text citations
  • reference list

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