derived scores

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derived scores

Answer sections of this discussion in your own words. Distinguish between the three (3) following kinds of derived scores: (a) percentiles; (b) standard scores; (c) developmental norms. In your answer, be sure to explain what each score tells you and how it is different from the other 2 types of scores. Be specific in your response.

Your response should be in formal English writing, in APA format (i.e., title page, double spaced, running head, page #, crediting source of information, reference page, etc), and be no longer than 2 pages of writing, not counting title page and reference page.  Be sure to use spell-check and other helps provided to you in Word.

THE BOOK IS FROM 2015!!!!!!!! Please cite this correctly and spell authors name correctly…. My last writer did not and I was docked 10 points!!!!!

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