Depression Disorder Discussion

Depression Disorder Discussion

In this course, you will have a final project (due next week) where you will select a psychological disorder and analyze it. Each week you are asked to submit something that will help you in the completion of this final project. For this project, you must use credible outside research to support your ideas, so it may be beneficial to find your research each week as you go.

Click the audio to learn out more about your final project.

Unit 4 Final Project Audio Transcript

This week we are discussing four personality theories and how the impact of others (social psychology) can impact human and animal thinking and behavior.

Look at the PSY105 Libguide for additional information about this and other Psychology topics.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on Credible Sources.


Using the disorder you’ve identified, please select one of the personality theories discussed this week and/or one aspect of social psychology (conformity, obedience, compliance, stereotypes, prejudice) and in three to four sentences explain the major characteristics or how someone suffering from your disorder may be impacted. Be sure to include a specific example.

Personality Theories

  • Humanistic
  • Behaviorist
  • Big 5 Trait
  • Psychoanalytic


Social Psychology

  • Conformity
  • Obedience
  • Compliance
  • Stereotypes
  • Prejudice

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