Defining the Problem and Sub-Problems

For the first part of this project, you will determine which complex problem you would like to work on. What you choose is up to you, and you can let your imagination run wild. There are some problems that happen around your community, such as rising costs of electricity in a city or residents in a neighborhood continuing to miss important announcements. Problems can also be on a much more global scale, such as the lack of freshwater in Bangladesh or data breaches in the government.

Complex real-word problems are challenging to deal with as a whole, so it is always wise to break them down into sub-problems that are more manageable and easier to solve. Determine a problem, research it, and use the information you’ve gathered to break it down into at least two sub-problems. Describe how solving these sub-problems will result in solving the larger, more complex overall problem.

What to submit?

  1. A description of your complex real-world problem, and an explanation about why you chose this problem.
  2. A minimum of two sub-problems that are more manageable and solvable.
  3. An explanation of how these sub-problems came about and are related to or a direct result of the overall problem.
  4. A description of how solutions to these problems connect with each other in solving the overall problem.
  5. A list of at least three sources you will use for research. These do not have to be in a particular format.

Choose a method to present your assignment. You may submit your work in a Word document.

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