cyberbullying  issues

Assignment Description

1. Choose a social informatics topic that you are already familiar with. The topic could be a current event or a personal experience with an information and communication technology (ICT) (e.g., a topic/problem from your previous discussion board postings). In the current events category, maybe you are curious about cyberbullying  issues,the Or thOn the personal experience side, perhaps you recently decided to delete your Facebook account and switch to another social media platform (personal experience). Or you have recently witnessed a decision

being made about software or technology at your workplace and have seen it (or predict that it will) succeed wildly or fail disastrously.
3. Write a 8-12 pages paper that:

  1. Introduces your topic/problem/event and why you choose it/why it is of interest.
  2. Explain the topic/problem (e.g., why happened? what are the impacts of the problem/phenomenon) according to at least two different perspectives or theories you learned in course readings (cite at least 4 readings. you can use theories and cite papers that are NOT included in our existing reading lists).
  3. Compare different theories or perspectives within the context (e.g., topic/problem/event) you described. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses/limitations of different perspectives.

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