current theories.

current theories.

Developing a Theoretical or Conceptual Framework

The conceptual or theoretical framework is a major element of the dissertation and begins with a broad theoretical foundation. Your conceptual or theoretical framework will be presented in Chapter 1 of the dissertation proposal and expanded upon in Chapter 2, the literature review. Depending upon the research methodologists consulted for the research design, some methodologists suggest that conceptual frameworks are used in quantitative research and theoretical frameworks are used in qualitative research; however, what is important is that the researcher has a conceptual or a theoretical framework in place to guide the study.

Review the Theoretical or Conceptual Framework presentation.

Develop a theoretical or conceptual framework section that is relevant to your method and topic.

Include three to five relevant theories, including both germinal and current theories.

Write a paper that includes your problem statement, purpose, research questions, method, design and rationalization, and theoretical or conceptual framework.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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