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Family Therapy Course

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The reading material for this week focuses on substance use disorders, eating disorders, and co-occurring conditions. In this activity, you will conduct research to explore various sources to find up-to-date information on medication. Create a resource guide that can be utilized as a handy tool with your findings, organized in a sequentially progressive order for Family Therapists to use during their meetings with their clients. Create a table or flow chart to show the process in selecting and prescribing appropriate medications considering different criteria such as age, gender, prior medications, current condition, etc.

Compile a list of three resources for clients with substance use disorders and three resources for clients with eating disorders that are available in your community. Consider the multitude of needs of someone who is struggling with addiction or an eating disorder, as well as barriers to accessing resources (lack of Internet, limited financial resources). Consider your client will explore available treatment facilities and your role as an MFT in assisting your client with accessing the resources in your community.

Length: 2-3 pages, not including title and reference page

References: 6 scholarly resources

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