Cross Cultural Comparison


HDFS 101

50 points

Papers will be written in APA format and should be about 5-6 pages in length (the quality of the paper is much more important than the actual length, but they should not be less than 4 pages, and not longer than 6 pages, plus a reference page, and any photo pages.)  Papers will be submitted to the D2L Assignment Dropbox by the deadline.  NO LATE PAPERS will be accepted.  See syllabus for the due date.

Using APA formatting (no abstract is needed), your paper needs to include the following sections:

#1)  Inquiry Topic & Bronfenbrenner’s Model (5 points)

A very brief paragraph introducing your topic and Bronfenbrenner’s Model.

#2)  Inquiry (20 points-10 points for academic research, 5 points for your interviews, 5 points for other research–observations, non academic sources, etc.)

A description of the information you found on your topic—academic research (you should integrate information from the annotated bibliography), interview information, field trips, observations, photos, other non-academic sources (websites, etc.).  This should be about two-four pages in length.  You should have more information on your topic from interviews conducted since the draft, and any additional information you have found. 

#3)  Cross Cultural Comparison (10 points)

A brief description of what this topic looks like in another culture. You can include photos or other graphics if relevant that you found in your inquiry, but not required.  This should be about one page in length in text, and can be longer if you include photos. 

#4)  Implications and Conclusion (5 points)

What does your inquiry tell us about human development?  This should be about one paragraph to one page in length.

#5)  References (5 points)

Include ALL references from your inquiry.  These should be the full citations that match the citations in the body of your paper. Please follow the APA referencing guidelines posted. Here’s a resource for APA citing:  Also include “personal communication” citations for all interviews. Examples of how to cite personal communications are posted in the WRITING GUIDELINES.  Technically you wouldn’t cite interviews for APA, but for this assignment I DO want them cited. 

#6) Clarity of ideas, grammar, flow (5 points)


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