contemporary issue

For the Capstone Project in this course, you will be asked to analyze a contemporary issue through the interpretation of multiple perspectives in the field of psychology. By applying the critical thinking and scientific reasoning skills you have learned this term, you will create an integrative presentation of the research on a particular topic/issue/construct of interest. Your Capstone Project builds on the assignments you complete and demonstrates what you have learned in the course, and throughout the MS in Psychology program. The Learning Resources in the course and the Discussions and Application Assignments all will assist you in completing the Capstone Project.

  • Week 1 Application: You will create a time line for completing your Capstone Project.
  • Week 2 Application: You will submit a description of the topic you have selected for your Capstone Project.
  • Week 3 Application: You will submit a problem statement for the problem/issue that you have chosen for your Capstone Project.
  • Week 4 Application: You will find 10–12 research resources related to your problem statement and critically analyze one of them.
  • Week 5 Application: You will submit a brief synthesis of four resources you selected related to the topic that you identified for your Capstone Project.
  • Week 6 Application: You will briefly describe the problem/issue and the problem statement you developed related to your Capstone Project.
  • Week 7 Application: You will identify several causes and effects of the identified problem/issue.
  • Week 9 Application: You will submit a critical analysis of one resolution to the problem that you have identified with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Week 10: You will incorporate all of your Application Assignments from Weeks 1–9 into an integrative paper that constitutes your Capstone Project. You then will submit the Capstone Proje

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