This week we covered chapter 4 and 15. The assignment is (Discussion post) 1 to 2 paragraphs (you can be informal with is assignment and you can use the I words + you don’t have to write a references)

As you have read the chapters and reviewed the content for this week, hopefully the intertwining of physical and psychological health has become apparent. However, in practice they are often conceptualized and treated separately. Discuss some ways in which psychological factors are important in wellness and illness, and share your thoughts about how healthcare can be improved by treating the psychological factors along with the physical factors associated with most (all?) illnesses. Give specific examples using the information in the text.


1. (Rubrics) Your posting demonstrates thoughtful consideration of the assignment’s subject matter and presents original ideas that advance the discussion in a meaningful way.

2. I have uploaded chapter 4 and 15 from the book Lifespan Development: A Topical Approach (3rd Edition) by Robert S. Feldman below

3. The Prof. will use TurnItIn on written assignments

4. Try to elaborate more on your initial posts.

psychological health

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