Complete Physics Assignment NO PLGAGIARISM

Complete Physics Assignment NO PLGAGIARISM

W6 Assignment “Vibrations, Waves, and Sound”

Please solve the following problems. You must show all work for full/partial credit. When complete, attach a typed cover sheet and submit to the assignment drop-box.

#1. A spring with negligible mass stretches 34.0 cm when a 144 g gram mass is suspended from it. Now I suspend a mass m from the spring. If it oscillates at an angular frequency of 4.51 rad/s, what is the mass? (10 points)

#2. A 3.45 kg mass vertically compresses a spring 67.0 cm before it starts to rebound. How high will the mass move above the uncompressed if the mass is left to “bounce” back up? (10 points)

#3. Two children are sending signals along a cord of total mass 0.50 kg tied between tin cans with a tension of 35 N. It takes the vibrations in the string 0.50 s to go from one child to the other. How far apart are the children? (20 points)

#4. A person is watching water waves at the ocean and they notice the peak to peak distance between the waves is 3.4 m. They also notice there are 55 waves every 10.0 seconds passing the end of a pier. How fast are the waves going? (10 points)

#5. A whale sends an undersea signal to its mate and then gets a response 4.5 seconds later. How far away is the whale’s mate? (10 points)

#6. A person sees a distant lightning strike, then 4.5 seconds later he hears the thunder clap. If it is 35o degrees Celsius, how far away was the lightning strike? (10 points)

#7. A single bass amplifier produces a volume of 102 dB. What is the sound level if a guitar amplifier that produces 98 dB is played at the same time? (20 points)

#8. A string on a guitar vibrates at 420 Hz. If the tension on the string is 102 N, what is the mass of the string if the portion that vibrates is 63.7 cm long? (10 points)

Grading Guidelines 100 points total
Show Your Work 60%
Your Work is Mostly Correct 80%
Correct Work, but incorrect units 95%
Correct Work, and correct units 100%

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