Cognitive therapists

Cognitive therapists

which question you are responding to at the top of your post. Threads must be 300-350 words and must include at least 2 references in current APA format. The answer presented in your thread must be similar in content and presentation to the discussions that would take place in a clinical/counseling team meeting. You must also demonstrate an understanding of the theory being discussed. Please include Christian worldviews with the questions.

1. Cognitive therapists believe that it is important to socialize the client to therapy. What are some examples of this goal in the session? How effective do you believe this technique was? Would you have done anything differently?

2. Helen identifies the automatic thought “he will resent me,” and Dr. Lundgren extends this thought to include “and it will be horrible if he resented you.” What other automatic thoughts can you identify? Explain which of the 3 automatic thought types each thought relates to. How would you work with these thoughts?

3. If you were counseling Helen from the Cognitive framework, what additional technique(s) could you employ in the session? What would you hope to accomplish?

Reference Books:  Jones, S. L., & Butman, R. E. (2011). Modern psychotherapies: A comprehensive Christian appraisal (2nd ed.). Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. ISBN: 9780830828524.

Murdock, N. L. (2017). Theories of counseling and psychotherapy: A case approach (custom package) (4th ed.). Upper Saddle Creek, NJ: Pearson….Chapters 9 and 10

· Presentation: Chapter 9 – Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

· Presentation: Chapter 10 – Cognitive Therapy

· Website: REBT

· Website: REBT Network

· Website: REBT Self-Help Form

· Website: The REBT Disputing of Irrational Beliefs

· Website: The Three Insights of REBT

· Website: The ABC of REBT

· Website: Disputing Irrational Beliefs Part 1

· Website: Glossary of Terms for Cognitive Therapy

· Website: The Beck Institute

· Website: What is Cognitive Therapy

· Website: Schema Therapy

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