Cognitive functions

Cognitive functions


Cognitive functions can affect attitude in many ways. Consider the following scenario:  You have been feeling frustrated recently with a project you are working on at work. Today, your group has sent out several emails discussing an aspect of the project you worked directly to complete. One of the follow up emails criticizes this portion of the project.  You may choose one of the two options below for this discussion board:  Option 1: Discuss how your methods of response to the group emails will potentially affect the dynamics of the group.  Option 2: Discuss how your response time in replying to the group emails will potentially affect the situation.

Unit IV Reflection Paper

Consider some of the scenarios discussed within the unit lesson. Have you ever experienced one of the scenarios?

For this assignment, you may choose any of the scenarios listed in the lesson, and address your role in the situation. As you address your situation, be sure to include the following information:

Explain how your beliefs influenced how you viewed the situation. Relate various theories related to cognitive influence on attitude and attitude change. Evaluate the role cognitive influence played with any attitude change you or others experienced.

Your paper should be at least two pages in length. APA style references are not required.

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