Project: Coaching

Coaching Session 3

This week, you and your coachee will work in tandem to achieve the desired objectives identified in Week 2. Through active listening, questioning, probing, and guiding, you will support your coachee to develop strategies and action steps for achieving the desired objectives. 

Week 4 Assignment

What does your coachee need to do to achieve his or her objectives? Think about it like a staircase. What is the first step that is needed to get to the second step? What is the second step that is needed to get to the third step, and so on, until the coachee is able reach the objective or goal at the top? Often, it is helpful to work backwards, moving from the objective down through smaller and smaller goals or action steps until the coachee can identify the most immediate action step to take.
By the end of this coaching session, your coachee should have a clear plan for achieving the key objectives (identified in the first coaching session), a list of doable action items, and a clear understanding of the expected completed items for next week’s session. 

For this third coaching session, submit a coaching report that provides the following information:

  • Recap the coaching session (1 to 2 pages)
    • Where did the session occur?
    • When did it occur?
    • Who was being coached?
    • Who was the coach?
    • Summarize the conversation. Who said what?
    • Any key details about the relationship or interaction that need to be recorded? (e.g., impressions, difficulties, opportunities, things that were missed, things to explore in the future, boundaries, parameters, etc.).
  • Analyzed a set of action plans for the coachee to achieve the first objectives (½ to 1 page).
  • Analyzed a set of action plans for the coachee to achieve the second objectives (½ to 1 page).
  • Clarify the action steps that you (as coach) need to complete prior to the next coaching session. For example, what information do you need to research? What resources do you need to locate? What follow ups do you need to complete? What skills do you need to refine (¼ to ½ page)? 

Submission Details:

  • Submit your report in a three page assignemnt

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