Please put the question or section name above each paragraph.

Develop a workshop for new clinicians on how to adapt Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples with at least one partner who belongs to a gender or sexual minority group. Create a PowerPoint with written speaker notes. The presentation should include the following sections:

· Brief Introduction to the presentation with a summary of what will be covered throughout the presentation (1 slide)

· Brief introduction to the major components of EFT (2+ slides)

· Review of considerations for your population of choice in couple therapy of any model (2+ slides)

· Defense that explains why EFT is a good fit for your chosen population (1 slide)

· Explanation of how to adapt EFT to be relevant to the needs of your chosen population (2+ slides)

· Limitations of current literature on adapting EFT to your chosen population (1 slide)

· Conclusion (1 slide)

· APA formatted references (1 slide) 

Length: 10 slides, (not including reference sli

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