Case Study- CMA National Exam Preparation, health and medicine homework help

You have completed your education and are now preparing for the CMA national exam.

  1. How does good critical thinking apply to your goal of becoming a Certified Medical Assistant?
  2. You plan to review your course textbooks and tests as well as purchase a CMA exam review book. You are also thinking about setting up a study schedule and set up a study group.
    1. Develop a simple study schedule that you can follow to prepare for your exam
    2. How much time do you think you should allow for study before taking the exam?
    3. What criteria should you use when asking people to join your study group?
    4. Research CMA exam review resources and list two options you can utilize to help you prepare for the national exam.

Create a properly APA formatted Word document that answers all of the above questions in detail and submit

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