A work place can simply be defined as a place such as a factory or an office where people work. Every workplace needs a plan and a good management to govern it. Proper systems governing the workplace and also the forms in which the employees present themselves are necessities for a success in every type of business. In this paper we are going to look about these forms and the way employees can present themselves so as to achieve social, technological, economic and global environment.

Every workplace requires a work system in this case it is important to use a fair work system which is required in our workplace. it is important to consider this type of system just because we are dealing in a workplace with very many employees, and every employee needs to be handled with care and respect on top of it equally like other employees ,B. Leigh Hutchins and Amy Harrison (1903). When working on this system it will make them give their best out of it the better of the company and every employee in the company.

The 21st century is filled with competition in business and every type of business need to prosper and make profits. To achieve all these employees, have to work in unity in order to achieve social goals. The management of every workplace has to concentrate well to make every employee to be kind to each other. Kindness is a virtue that will lead to achieve the social goals every, if everyone in the workplace become kind to every person then it will be easy for them to use a good language and work peacefully and also work tirelessly in support for each other. This and other virtues like friendship and many more are very important for every workplace to prosper. Another thing to put first also is the ability to develop new perspectives and conception about other people and also not judging others. Every management in all workplace wish that all their employees will appreciate their fellow friends and their abilities in respective to every department they work on.

To develop a good social place and workplace for all workers it is important to get a talk a discussion on new topics and ideas that could help in the future benefits of the company or the business. With these discussions without having to trigger on the same topic over and over and again they are able to make good decisions and different contexts to make the company prosper.

For the prosperity of every business all employees need to present themselves in a technological way. In this 21st century everything has moved to the technology and new forms of working. If every employee gets to present themselves in a modern way and by the use of technology all the administration is now able to gather together and share current issues and get information in time and be able to make good decision making in the management the company. This will make them reach every employee in just a short period of time. The employees also are able to work easily by the use of technology which will make their work very easy and perfect. With all these abilities companies and business are able to work on projects very fast and in an efficient way which will make the company have high rate of competing with other companies in the 21st century where all companies and business have good technological plans. Effectiveness is something that every management would wish all their employees to do while doing the projects but making mistakes is common when one works tirelessly and also manually but when technology is applied the work and projects will be done efficiently and quickly. These just show how important technology can be important for every business or company.

A global environment is very important for every business or company, when employees are able to present themselves. A global environment is where the ingredients of the company can be gotten and also where the market for the products and also help with the company that work together with your company. It can be risky but also very beneficial if everything works best and well Clain, S. (2008). Cooperation is an essential factor in business and can be achieved in global environment if every employee can understand better about these and the need to boost the business goals to ensure that the company works well in the global environment.

Lastly economic goals can be achieved if employees’ work tirelessly some of these factors are the interest, inflation, supplies, recession and demand. The aim of every business is to ensure that when they make profits, they make big ones. It is not an easy task to ensure that the company makes big profits every time and every day, therefore all the employees have to focus on the economic part of the business like ensuring that the demand and the supply are taken to consideration very much first of all to ensure the company gets profit they will have to make sure that the demand for their products are always high, when the market demand their products highly they are able to make sure that they get massive profits by maintaining their market prices high. In doing this they will not have to struggle much in competition because they will have a ready market for their goods and products, Clain, S. (2008).Another thing they will also have to ensure is that the market has to get satisfied by their products and if the market gets satisfied by the products they will definitely get back to the market for the products and also they will have influence on the market and this will increase our market at large.

In conclusion to make sure that the workplace of every company or business to succeed in making massive profits they will have to use a better workplace system and also ensure their employees work perfectly in a way they will ensure profits for the company as discussed in this paper.


Clain, S. (2008). “How Living Wage Legislation Affects U.S. Poverty Rates”. Journal of Labor Research29 (3): 205–218

Essay on Trade ” (1770), quoted in History of Factory Legislation, by B. Leigh Hutchins and Amy Harrison (1903), pp. 5, 6.

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