Brochure for “Meals on wheels” business

Brochure for “Meals on wheels” business


I attached the guidelines for the the Brochure

Brochure is for Meals on wheels:

– none profit company

– email address must end with .org

– create Powerpoint slides has what you find in your search and talk about the Brochure as well

i suggest doing the business in cheep place such as Alabama because it none profit business but id you have another place where is cheeper or better that is ok too

Please be very detailed with your research for the project. Brochure guidelines must be follow. Do not have any open spaces and ensure that you utilize 12 font with the exception being your organizations name. Please do research on you topic so that you have a full understanding of the business you are creating. Example research CCRC: how many CCRC’s are there in the country, what is the largest CCRC, how many beds in Nursing, Assisted and independent, Where are the majority of CCRC’s located and why, types of entrance fees, monthly charges, how are the fees derived?, amenities, services provided, meal plans, choices for food plans and additional services, do the facilities offer activities, etc. Include your research information on your PP slides, As always if you have any questions please reach out to me.

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