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Summary/Reflection Papers

For each theory discussed you will submit a paper with the following sections:

I. Brief 3 or more sentences summary of theory

II. Brief descriptions of major tenets of the theory (3 or more sentences per tenet)

III. Brief descriptions of common techniques of the theory (3 or more sentences per technique)

IV. Personal reflection/reaction to the theory (2 paragraphs)

V. Questions about the theory or its implementation (2 questions)

The first 3 sections will serve as a brief summary to which you may refer back in future courses, during practicum experiences, or when preparing for comps. The latter 2 sections are meant to help you process your reactions to each theory. Remember that you will have already summarized the theory in sections 1-3, so section 4 should focus on the thoughts and feelings that arose for you as you read the chapters associated with each theory.

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